Partnering with Us

SN2 UK Ltd hold the exclusive global rights of the Memeplexes SM, Affilplex SM (due in June 14) and Money Cloud SM method patents platforms. All three services share a common methodology the unparalleled simplicity of which offers to the license holder a unique competitive advantage.

We invite interested parties from all around the world to collaborate with us. We are interested in partnership models but we are open to other forms collaboration (i.e. licensing or wholesale).

We list below the service elements our methodology can serve, based on our roll-out priorities [Engine Releases], for which we seek collaboration.


  • Mobile Payments & Billing (invoices, receipts, restaurant bills, utility bills etc.) [1.0]
  • Parking and Fine Management Platform [1.0]
  • Events Organising (Invitations, Ticketing & Exhibitions) [2.0]
  • Auctions (Environment Bay) [3.0]
  • Environment to Internet (Outdoors and Indoors Advertising) Affiliate Marketing, a service we nicknamed “Hyperlink your World” (to be launch in the 2nd Quarter of 2014) + Vouchers [4.0]

Commission + set up + maintenance fee based

  • Lotteries [5.0]
  • Loyalty schemes [7.0]

Subscription + one-off set up fee based

  • Live adds and Classifieds (for printed press) [3.1]
  • MatchOnTheGo2 (Automated recruitment matching on & offline) which we plan to launch on the 3rd quarter of 2014 [6.0]
  • Supply chains [4.1]
  • ...
  • Security (space access, virtual access, patrols) [3.1]

For all of the above there is the option of mutual development to meet the needs of local cultures.

We equally welcome collaboration propositions for performance-based services specialised in the fields of Marketing, Business Development and Sales from Individuals, Groups or Enterprises

Organisation wishing to collaborate with us on service provisions in order to create complementary services are equally of interest to us.

For a preliminary confidential discussion call us on +44 1344 425 971 or write to us on or