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Never miss a payment again

Accept credit cards on the move anytime, anyhow, anywhere, on any type of phone.
Make your customers mobile the till!
It is simple, it is safe ( don't carry money with you), it is secure( transaction is encrypted), it is cost effective.

Start getting paid

It is totally free* for the first 1000 customers -
first come, first served.
No set up fees, no monthly fees for the first year.

PCI Security Standards Council compliance

We are proud to advise you that our processes are fully compliant with the forthcoming PCI Data Security Standards. Due to be published 7 of November 2013 in regards to protecting point of sale terminals and devices from threats such as tampering, malware and insiders.

Keep it simple

No software is needed
No card readers are needed
No e-Wallet is needed
You don't even have to carry your mobile device with you to be paid.
And, if that was not enough, the payment method is platform agnostic.

Get paid fast

Receive money on your account in an instance. When the payment is complete the money shows up in your account within minutes. From there you can transfer it directly to your bank account or pay others.

Keep your customers happy

We do not charge your customers for the transaction. they can pay you using they credit cards or directly from PayPal account in any of 24 currencies. They do not have to be registered with us and all it takes to pay you - it is 3 clicks on they mobile device.*
*Provided they have PayPal account

Keep your cost down

Like all credit card processors we charge a small percentage and a small transaction fee for every payment. What makes us different is that there is no set up fee*, downgrades or monthly fee*

See Pricing..

* If you are a soletrader
* If you hold personal or professional account

How it works

  1. From the moment you will register with us the linking process consists of the following steps:
  2. You attach labels with QR codes and NFC tags in the form you ordered in a prominent position depending on expected use. The back of your mobile (or its case) is the most usual for ordinary use.
  3. Every customer of yours can scan or tap any of your tags and by doing so he will be redirected in your micro-site hosted by us.
  4. There he will be presented with several options and in between them to pay you.
  5. By clicking on the payment button he or she will be redi rected once more to another page hosted by us.
  6. There he will be asked to insert the desired currency and the amount of money to pay. On completion of the above he will be redirected for a third time to our partner's gateway where he can complete the transaction.
  7. As soon as this is done a sms or email depending on your country of residence will be send to you verifying the transfer.
    ..and that is all.


It is totally free* for the first 1000 customers -
first come, first served.

No set up fees, no monthly fees for the first year.

Start getting paid