Hyperlink your world

We connected the physical to the digital word. Now you can profit from every single one of your assets.

Expanding your customer base, multiplying your revenue or getting paid is now simple and straightforward.

Welcome to the 21st century..

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Be known

The degree of business success is analogous to the amount of customers that know about it.

To achieve that we created two special tools for you. The Open Space Attractors SM by which you can transform every single physical object into a marketing tool and the Social Link SM that allows you to create permanent social or business link in an instance...

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We can transform the assets of any business into money generating mechanisms in ways you never thought possible until now. Use that in conjunction with a powerful but simple events and vouchers generating tools and see your revenues skyrocketing....

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Get paid

Put a stop into “rewarding” the Banks for every transaction you make. Our patented payment method is simple, secure and painless for your customers. You need no tills, no hardware, no software, no card readers, no payment points or any paraphernalia any more. Our motto is "Pay and get paid anywhere, anyhow, any time"...

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