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Social bonds are social-energy hungry. Maintaining them should be designed and managed carefully. Social events can help you achieve this the easy way. You may still need to plan them carefully, however, by using the Social link TM the creation and distribution of invitations becomes an effortless and highly effective process.
Be smart. Be social the easy way....and it won't cost you a penny.

Be cost conscious

We have made it sure that the Social link TM is the most cost effective product of its type on the market. We warranty that if you find any similar product with the same characteristics we will refund you the amount paid no questions asked. And it gets even better. You can upgrade any time you want to any other package above "Per sonal" and if you use it to receive payments we will refund you the initial cost of the product.

Make it simple

Forget incompatibility problems between mobile platforms and mobile applications. Use whatever your phone is equipped with to create social links. In the most extreme application of the Social link TM you do not even need to have a mobile phone. Social link TM works with all operational systems and can utilise all of the near field commu nication protocols including QR, NFC or Bluetooth. Just register and stick one of our "triggers" at the back of your phone case or elsewhere and you are up and running. It cannot get any simpler than this.

How it works

  1. From the moment you will register with us the linking process consists of the following steps:
  2. You position the provided QR codes and NFC tags in the form you ordered in a prominent position depending on expected use. The back of your mobile (or its case) is the most usual for ordinary use.
  3. Every person you want to link to can scan or tap any of your tags and by doing so he will be redirected in your micro-site hosted by us.
  4. There he will be presented with several options and in between them linking with you.
  5. By clicking on the link button the user will be redirected to your pre-chosen URL destination (i.e. Linkedin) where he and you can conclude the linking process by means of request and acceptance.

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