About Us

SN2 (SoNiCeSoNice UK Ltd) is a value added services (VAS) technology company. Our patented method enables individuals and enterprises to network, affiliate and monetise their assets as well as get paid.

We are working on the future of business networking, business affiliation and cashless payments. We believe in offering a smarter way for everyone, from individuals to businesses of all sizes, to be known, to monetise their assets and to get paid anytime and anywhere - easily, affordably & securely. We have developed the first internationally available mobile solution that enables anyone to accept card payments using their customers smartphones as their till! At SN2 we are convinced that being able to network, affiliate and accept payments should not require complicated processes, dedicated mobile software that you have to change often or complex enabling technology.

SN2 was founded in 2008 by Sotiris Melioumis and is financed with own and Angel capital.
Sotiris is a seasoned professional having spend most of his 35 years long career in the telecommunications industry as a projects and business transformation director. He is an expert in project management, organisational and service (CRM) design and business transformation between others while he hold a series of degrees. He is our current Managing Partner. More details can be found in here
He has built a team of experienced, entrepreneurial professionals from who believed that there is a smarter way to network, affiliate and perform transactions than currently available by traditional service providers.

We operate currently in three countries namely UK, Greece and Cyprus and we are in the process to expand operations in six more European counties.

In addition to our founders various posts are managed by individuals and partner organisations which we collaborate with.

Our legal department is managed from Greece, personally from the founder of the legal service, Antonis Tsangaridis. The firm practices law in all three of above mentioned countries we operate, and specialises in SMEs, Start Ups and Financial Arbitration in between other.

Our accounting departments one per country of operation can be contacted on request by clicking here.

Our main technology team is based in Ukraine outsourced to Qarea the contact details of which can be found by clicking here.

Local technology teams operate within our partner organisations in every country and are managed centrally.

To contact any of our teams click here